Atmik – The Complete Health Studio (formerly known as Atmik) is a 100% natural health clinic based on therapies & techniques of ancient Indian medical system. The company was founded with a clear vision to penetrate the awareness of the inter-relation of nature and human body into every household and to unravel the mystery about how different types of foods effect health and emotions in different individuals differently. This included combining best elements from the great ancient texts of Ayurveda & Yoga with modern research based nutrition to provide treatments & therapies best suited in today’s fast paced life. The legacy of researching inter-relation between human body & nature lays the foundation of Sanovide.

Sanovide Health Studio is committed to provide uniquely superior health care solutions to its clients through a combination of the Ayurveda, Yoga and Nutrition, with deep emphasis on Organ-revitalizing and individual specific treatment programs. Sanovide has pioneered the decoding of modern physio-nutrition techniques according to one’s ayurvedic constitution and five element balance. Since its inception, the company has focused on developing all beneficial, natural and innovative techniques to help people lead healthier lives. The team has a good track record in successful management of various diseases considered incurable by modern science.

Sanovide as an Organization has transformed into an internationally acclaimed center of Natural Health Cure. Besides extending its services to global clients, the organization is also extending its services for the physical, mental & spiritual welfare of the masses across several villages in North India especially Rajasthan. The team is pursuing a very noble objective, which is to enrich the lives of people through Nature and spirituality. Today, Sanovide operations have been endorsed by doctors across various countries.

Sanovide Health Programs are based on the concept of balance of Bio-energies (Tri-Doshas), the nourishment of the Bio-tissues (Sapt-Dhatu Poshan) and balance removal or the Bio-wastes ( malas) from the body.